Price of Granite in Nigeria (2024)

Price of Granite in Nigeria: Are you looking for the best price of Granite in Nigeria Or the best type of Granite that will be suitable for any construction job?. I think you are at the right place because here we are going to discuss everything concerning the price of granite in Nigeria and other things.

Of course, granite is used in most construction sites, as Nigerians now construct structures in modern ways. That is, not much use for gravel anymore.

More so, if you’re working on a construction site, maybe you’re the owner or supervisor, it is ideal to know what granite prices in Nigeria are beforehand.

In this post, we will consider the prices of granites as it is in Nigeria today.

About Granite in Nigeria 

Price of Granite in Nigeria

Granite stone is a common natural resource, and one of the widely used solid minerals in Nigeria due to its use in building, civil engineering and construction, in the areas of flooring, and others.

Furthermore, Due to the location of Nigeria in the tropics, granite rocks occur in commercial quantities in specific areas aforementioned. Several companies have been in the business of granite mining since its discovery.

Additionally, In the mining sector of the country, there are two major categories of granite business investors, which are medium-scale and small operations.

Moreover, The business under medium-scale investors are people after the miners, who buy from mining companies or granite owners and supply to civil engineers, contractors, real estate developers, and resellers.

Then, the small-scale granite business is marketers who go about to secure deals for granite supply, which after contacting registered granite suppliers for the product supply finally get a commission based on negotiation.

Up till recent times, Nigeria mines and exports granite stones, but they are not on the list of widely recognized global granite/quarry export countries.

Granites, popularly known in Nigeria as gravel/chippings are found in all the states of the federation but occur in larger quantities in; Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Cross River, and the Ekiti State of Nigeria.

They also occur in some other states in Nigeria such as Kogi, Enugu, Nasarawa, Plateau, Oyo, Osun, Ebonyi, and Ogun.

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Price of Granite in Nigeria

Granite is one of the dynamic building materials available today.  Apart from the fact they are used for various purposes, they are relatively strong and shiny, making them a great choice for various lovely. 

Moreso, Granites may not be the cheapest building material in the market today, but there is no denying the value you get for the money you pay for them.

Furthermore, granite is not like gravel that is dug from the ground, instead, some mechanical techniques are applied in the formulation of granite. So, all these make the price of granite in Nigeria at the high end compared to other stones for construction.

Here are the average prices of granites in the market today;

  • 1-inch granite (20 tons) – ₦145,000 – ₦170,000
  • ½ inch granite (20 tons) – ₦145,000 – ₦185,000
  • ¼ inch granite (20 tons) – ₦140,000 – ₦160,000
  • ¾ inch granite (20 tons) – ₦185,000 – ₦210,000
  • Granite stone dust (30 tons) – ₦135,000 – ₦155,000
  • Rough granite (30 tons) – ₦190,000 – ₦220,000

Prices of granites vary depending on the location, types and selling. Although they have been quite steady over the past few months, there are still differences in prices because of some factors. For instance, prices of granites tend to increase during some period of the year and they also vary in prices from place to place.  Granites are readily available in the country. They can be acquired in various parts of the country.

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Uses of Granite 

Granite is an igneous rock. It has grains large enough can be visible to the naked eye. There are two main components of granite. They are feldspar and quartz. Apart from these two, the other components such as amphiboles, mica etc. are present in small amounts. Granite is used in many outdoor and indoor projects

  • They are used in Structural Construction – Long-lasting structures like temples, gravestones or monuments are usually made of granite. Before the existence of power tools/equipment, granite carving was time-consuming. Also, it was laborious. Therefore the stone was used for important projects only.
  • They are Great for Jewellery – Few granites are rare and amazingly beautiful. So they are used as gemstones. They are used in jewellery.
  • Used for mantle and floor – If you have a fireplace mantle in your living room, then using granite you can make it more attractive. An ordinary fireplace can turn into a centrepiece. An excellent place to get together with friends and family. Also, if you want perfect flooring, which is smooth and looks good. The granite tiles will do. There are different colours of tiles.
  • They are used in designing bathrooms, shelves, and basins – Using granite for kitchen tops, shelves, tabletops etc. makes it look elegant. Apart from elegance, it has great strength and is durable. It looks stylish and is easy to clean. Granite sinks like the under-mount sink, angular basin, and modern or pedestal sink are some of the different granite basins available. These are water-resistant and maintenance is also easy.

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Granite Quarrying and Processing Machinery

Quarry Machinery:

It is mainly used for extracting granite stones from the surface.

PFW Impact Crusher and Jaw Crusher:

It is mainly For the primary crushing of granite stones, while a cone crusher is used for secondary crushing.

Double Blade Stone Cutter Machine:

It is efficiently used for cutting granite and generally for stone quarry cutting.

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Price of Granite in Nigeria FAQs

What are the uses of granite in Nigeria?

Granite can be used in two ways, either it’s crushed and used as crushed stones or it is used as an aggregate, and it is primarily used in monuments, buildings, paving and bridges.

How much is 10 tons of granite in Nigeria?

10 tons of granite in Nigeria cost anything from ₦95,000 to ₦120,000 depending on your location.

How much is stone dust granite per ton in Nigeria?

Stone dust granite could cost anything from ₦6,500 to ₦8,000 per ton in Nigeria.

How long does it take for granite to form?

Such granites could not be emplaced and solidified in less than one year and not even in 6000 to 10,000 years if the physical laws governing crystallization and cooling rates are obeyed.

How much is 30 tons of granite in Lagos?

30 tons of granite in Lagos Nigeria could go for anything from ₦170,000 to ₦250,000 depending on the type.

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The occurrence of granite stones has ultimately turned the fortunes around for Nigeria’s mining sector, hence, providing them with substantial employment opportunities. 

Moreover, With a lot of construction projects going on in the country, demand for granite has continuously been on an up trend, and so have the prices. I believe you’ve gotten the price of granite in Nigeria.

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