Bathroom Tiles Price in Nigeria (2024)

Bathroom Tiles price in Nigeria: Are you looking for the best Bathroom Tiles price in Nigeria? Or the best type of Bathroom Tiles that will last longer for you. 

I think you are at the right place because here we are going to discuss everything concerning Bathroom Tiles in Nigeria and other things.

Of course, we all know once a structure is raised, roofed, and doors & windows are fixed the next step is Tiles. 

Similarly, a lot of people have fallen victim to picking the wrong types of bathroom tiles for various reasons.

More so, Apart from the fact that Tiles are meant to Beautify the bathrooms, offices, and other places in the building, they also have a way of beautifying the whole structure.

In this article, we will consider the various types of Bathroom Tiles and Bathroom Tiles price in Nigeria today. 

Also, every other thing you need to know about Bathroom Tiles. So are you ready to know all that has been said above? Then don’t be lazy continue reading until you get all your answers.

About Bathroom Tiles 

Bathroom Tiles prices in Nigeria

Whether it’s for your new building or you want to scale up the decorative appeal in your existing bathroom, tiles are a timeless and wise choice for bathrooms.

More so, They are the best match for floors, walls, and even counters in a sudsy and wet bathroom environment.

Bathroom floor tiles are one of the most important design elements in bathroom design. 

Generally, they are porcelain tile, as durability and water resistance are key practical needs in bathroom flooring.

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Bathroom Tile Prices in Nigeria

Ceramic Tiles

If you’re looking for budget-friendly tiling for your bathroom, then you might want to consider ceramic tiles. 

Moreso, They are synthetic flooring tiles and one of the cheapest tiling options on the market.

Furthermore, Ceramic tiles, however, absorb liquids. This makes them a little harder to clean and maintain. 

But for the money, they are a good option, especially for bathroom walls. Of course, they can also be used on the floor of bathrooms.

The price of ceramic tiles are as follows;

  • 30 × 30 pack of ceramic tile ranges from ₦2,700 – ₦3,500  
  • 40 x 40 ceramic tile pack costs around ₦3,800 – ₦4,750.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles, like ceramic tiles, are man-made and also a very cheap option for the bathroom. 

Unlike ceramic, porcelain is water-resistant and does not chip off easily, making it a great fit for high-traffic areas.

They are excellent for bathroom flooring and walls and are quite easy to maintain. They come in two variety, their price is as follow:

polished porcelain pack

  • 30 x 30 polished porcelain pack ranges from ₦3,000 – ₦3,300  
  • 40 x 40 pack of the same costs around ₦3,500 – ₦4,000.

unpolished porcelain

  • 40 x 40 pack costs around ₦2,800 – ₦3,300  
  • 30 x 60 pack costs around ₦3,800 – ₦4,500.

Natural Tiles

Natural tiles are made from flat stones like marble, slate, quartz, etc. These stones are specially carved into flat surfaces for flooring and wall designs. 

Likewise, The tiles tend to have an ‘earthy’ feel and colour and are among the most expensive types of bathroom tiles on the market.

Slate, particularly, is often regarded as the best natural tile for a bathroom as its riven texture surface is non-slip.

  • You can find natural tiles in Nigeria at prices ranging from ₦6,800 – ₦7,800.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are excellent for bathroom walls. They give a glossy and natural look, especially when combined with the humid atmosphere typically found in bathrooms. 

Moreso, They are, however, not very comfortable for use on bathroom floors except when the surface is graded as non-slip. 

  • You can find glass tiles within the price range of ₦12,500 – ₦14,500 for a square meter.

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Reasons To Use Tiles in Bathroom

Gone are the days of the bathroom merely being seen as a utilitarian space. Today, bathrooms are not only made to be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. 

Moreso, One of the many ways to achieve both is by using tiles. Below are the reasons why use should use tiles in your Bathroom.


Compared to carpeted bathrooms, tiled bathrooms allow you to easily eliminate water run-off and clean deeply-rooted dirt, stains, germs, bacteria, and other foreign bathroom accumulations you could think of. 

Moreso, All you need to do is to either mop or wipe them with soap and water, and you’re good to go.


One thing that makes bathroom tiles a low-maintenance option is their complete moisture resistance. 

Likewise, Not only does your bathroom have to deal with frequent water run-off, 

But also with modern shampoos, soaps, and harsh cleansers that could damage your bathroom walls, countertops, and walls. 

Moreso, With bathroom tiles, however, their non-porous nature allows them to withstand even the harshest, moisture-filled environments.


Issues surrounding wear and tear are common yet inevitable problems that homeowners will need to address somehow. 

Furthermore, bathroom tiles, however, having them installed and maintained professionally will make them last for one to two decades.


Especially ceramic tiles, you can surely find bathroom tiles that suit your price range, all the while keeping the same luxurious aesthetic they’re well-known for. 

Moreso, In the long run, the mere presence of your bathroom tiles may increase your home’s resale value, making way for great returns on investments.

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How to Calculate the Number of Tiles Needed For Your Bathroom

Step 1

Measure the length and width of the bathroom. If you will also be tiling the walls of the bathroom, you should measure the height as well. 

In addition, Since each bathroom has four wall surfaces, you need to measure the length and height of two adjacent areas.

Step 2

Multiply the length of the bathroom floor by the width to get the square footage. 

Also, multiply the height of the adjacent wall by the length to get the square footage.

Step 3

Since the bathroom has four walls, you need to multiply each of the adjacent sides by two. 

Then add the square footage of the bathroom floor to the square footage of the adjacent sides of the wall. 

That will give you the total square footage of the bathroom.

Step 4

Divide the total square footage by the size of the tiles you’ll be going for. 

For instance, if you are going for 30 x 30 porcelain tiles, then divide the total square footage by 30.

In addition, this will give you the number of tiles you need to cover the whole bathroom surface.

Step 5

Divide the number of total tiles gotten in step 4 by the number of tiles in a packet to get the number of tile packets you need to buy.

Most times you’ll need to buy about 20% more than the number you get. This is to allow for damages and cutting.

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What Can You Use Instead of Tiles for a Bathroom

Looking for design tips for your bathroom? Whether you’re building it from scratch or you’re simply remodelling it, it matters to use the right materials to make it functional yet pleasing to look at. 

Most probably, among your most common options are bathroom tiles, but what if you want something different? Here are some of the best choices:

  • Acrylic panels
  • Back-painted glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Marble
  • Paint

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Bathroom Tiles Price in Nigeria FAQs 

Which tiles are the cheapest?

The cheapest types of tiles in Nigeria are the vitrified, and ceramic tiles. 

What is the price of bathroom tiles?

The price of bathroom tiles ranges from ₦2700 – ₦14500 depending on the size you want to buy.

Where can I buy bathroom Tiles?

You can buy bathroom tiles directly from the factories or their distributors in your local areas.

Are online stores a good place to buy Bathroom Tiles?

Absolutely! If you love online shopping, you can find Bathroom Tiles there. Just like buying anything else online, make sure you’re using a reputable site, and you should be good to go.

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Beautifying your Bathroom is important and the quality and appearance of your bathroom play an important role in the aesthetics. 

Likewise, Choosing suitable Bathroom Tiles that will meet your requirements isn’t as difficult as it may seem. 

Moreso, You only have to equip yourself with basic knowledge of Bathroom Tiles and Bathroom Tiles prices in Nigeria. 

However, it is important to note that the actual price of all the items written in this article depends strictly on some factors like the vendor’s price tag, the product’s size and type, as well as the quality and design of the corresponding item.

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