Price of HDMI cable in Nigeria (2024)

Price of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)cable in Nigeria: Are you looking for the original HDMI cable price in Nigeria or the best durable type of HDMI cable that will last longer for you? I think you are in the right place.

More so, HDMI cables have grown increasingly popular in the electronic world today. While some not only affect the viewing quality when connected to the computer or television. 

In Addition, they also have one or two things to do with the overall output; hence, the undiminishing importance of the cable.

Equally, With different types and brands available today. it is essential to consider the prices of some of the popular HDMI cables in the market and the core factors to consider before purchasing one. 

Also, Since you are here because of the price of HDMI cable in Nigeria. Keep reading don’t be tired for we have answered all questions concerning the price of HDMI cable in Nigeria in this article.

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About HDMI cable

Price of HDMI cable in Nigeria

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a proprietary specification designed to ensure compatibility between video and audio devices over a single digital interface. 

Furthermore, The specification is used for consumer electronics — including high-definition and ultra-HD TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, game consoles, streaming devices such as Roku, soundbars, laptops and PCs — as well as for automotive and commercial devices. 

Moreso, HDMI cables connect these devices and carry both uncompressed digital audio and video signals over a single cable.

HDMI specifications include physical features, or how cables and devices interface mechanically; electrical features, or how much power the cable carries; and communication protocols, or what signals are sent over cables to allow two pieces of equipment to communicate.

The first HDMI specification was released in December 2002. It was developed by Philips, Lattice Semiconductor Corp., Maxell Ltd., Panasonic Group, Sony Group Corp., Toshiba Corp. and Vantiva. The specification is licensed by HDMI Licensing Administrator Inc. (HDMI LA), the agency appointed by HDMI Forum.

In addition, The seven founders developed and released five major updates to the specification from 2002 to 2009. The 1.x specifications included the following fundamental features:

  • Audio Return Channel (ARC), which sends audio from a TV to an amplifier or audio/video receiver or soundbar.
  • Multichannel digital audio formats.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) video.
  • Auto lip-sync, which synchronizes audio and video.
  • Consumer Electronics Control commands, which enable a single remote to control multiple devices.
  • Deep colour.

Types of HDMI Cable in Nigeria 

HDMI cables are made up of four shielded twisted pairs and seven separate conductors. Those that support Ethernet include an additional shielded twisted pair made from three of the separate conductors.

Several HDMI cable types have been specified to meet different performance standards, along with cable certification designations. Also, The current cable types and their performance are listed as follows from most recent to oldest. 

Certification designations are provided for cable specifications developed after 2015, the year the first cable certification program was launched:

  • Ultra High-Speed HDMI supports up to 48 Gbps, with exceptionally low EMI. It’s the only cable that supports all HDMI 2.1a features, including uncompressed digital video at 8K@60 and 4K@120.
  • Premium High-Speed HDMI and Premium High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet support up to 18 Gbps, with low EMI. These cables support advanced features, including 4K@60, HDR and expanded colour spaces. The cable packaging is required to display HDMI LA’s Premium HDMI Cable Certification Label.
  • High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet supports up to 10.2 Gbps. This cable is the same as High-Speed HDMI except that it has an additional data channel, called HDMI Ethernet Channel, dedicated to Ethernet networking.
  • High-Speed HDMI supports up to 10.2 Gbps and is designed to handle advanced display technologies, such as 4K@30, 3D and deep colour.
  • High-Speed Automotive HDMI is meant to connect with an automotive system and needs to send a stronger signal than other cable types.
  • Standard HDMI with Ethernet is the same as Standard HDMI except that it offers an additional channel, HDMI Ethernet Channel, dedicated to Ethernet networking.
  • Standard HDMI was designed to support older consumer applications and has mostly been replaced by High-Speed HDMI cables.
  • Standard Automotive HDMI is an older version of the High-Speed Automotive HDMI cable, with special dust- and vibration-resistant.

Price of HDMI cable in Nigeria

Here, we will take a look at the prices of popular HDMI brands available in Nigeria today and how much their products go for. Below are some popular HDMI brands and how much they currently go for in the market.


  • Allwin Super Speed 4K 3D HDMI cable – ₦7,000 – ₦12,000
  • AllWin V-2 Ultra HD HDMI cable – ₦2,700 – ₦3,500
  • AllWin V-1.4 Ultra HD HDMI cable – ₦2,400 – ₦3,700

Brand Label

  • Brand Label 1.8 HDMI Cable – ₦3,000 – ₦9,000
  • Brand label Elf Super Speed 4K 3D HDMI cable – ₦6,000 – ₦18,000


  • Ugreen HDMI Cable – ₦6,000 – ₦14,500 (regardless of the length of the HDMI cable)


  • Vention Super Speed 4K 3D 60FPS HDMI cable – ₦14,000 – N₦38,000 (regardless of the length of the HDMI cable)


  • LMW HDMI Cable – ₦4,000 – ₦18,000 (regardless of the length of the HDMI cable)

Other Brands

Generic HDMI cables can be purchased for anything between N1, 500 and N30, 000 depending on the type and length.

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Things To Consider When Buying an HDMI Cable in Nigeria 

There are various types and classes of HDMI cables. They vary in length, delivery qualities and prices. The variety available today makes it difficult to know the exact type to buy. 

Comparatively, Before you buy an HDMI cable, you must consider some basic factors to help limit your options and allow you to pick the best for you. Here are some factors to consider when buying an HDMI cable:

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Consider the Brand

Brand matters; it always does. It is advisable to go for popular brands that are already tested and trusted when buying HDMI cables.

HDMI versions

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying HDMI cables. The main point to understand is that HDMI is an embryonic standard. There is various versions released into the market ranging from 1.0 through to 1.4 and 2.0. 

Required length

HDMI cables vary in length. Similarly, Many cables are only required to connect between connectors that are not so far away from each other. Likewise, There are various cable lengths including lengths of 0.6, 0.9, 1.5, 1.8 meters and even much more.


Sometimes, there is no picture quality difference between great HDMI cables and very bad ones. Moreover, You could enjoy the same amazing viewing experience for the first few days but there is usually a huge difference in the overall build and this will eventually tell. 

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Of course one of the essential things to consider when buying an HDMI cable is that you can safely consider the cheaper “common” option without necessarily compromising hint quality. Moreso, Paying a crazy amount for a super HDMI cable in some cases may not be the best decision.

Furthermore, Considering these factors already highlighted here when buying an HDMI cable will make you save a whole lot of money and time.

In addition, the prices of HDMI cable in Nigeria highlighted above should give you a broad idea of what to expect in the market and make your plan accordingly.

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