Price of cable TV in Nigeria (2024)

Price of cable TV in Nigeria: Are you looking for the best price of cable TV in Nigeria? I think you are at the right place because we are here to answer all your questions concerning the price of cable TV in Nigeria.

cable television, is generally, any system that distributes television signals utilizing coaxial or fibre-optic cables. The term also includes systems that distribute signals solely via satellite. 

More so, Cable-television systems originated in the United States in the late 1940s and were designed to improve the reception of commercial network broadcasts in remote and hilly areas. 

Furthermore, During the 1960s they were introduced in many large metropolitan areas where local television reception is degraded by the reflection of signals from tall buildings. 

In addition, it is Commonly known as community antenna television (CATV), these cable systems use a “community antenna” to receive broadcast signals (often from communications satellites), which they then retransmit via cables to homes and establishments in the local area subscribing to the service. 

Subscribers pay a specified monthly service charge in addition to an initial installation fee.

Cable TVs have been one of the best sources of entertainment and infotainment in this generation. Apart from the fact that the cable TVs give you access to local channels your local antennas don’t have access to, you can be connected to what is going on around the world in a single click

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About Cable TV in Nigeria

Price of cable TV in Nigeria

The evolution of cable TV in Nigeria has been astonishing. When introduced to the market at first, only the high class and very rich people could afford it. 

Some that had it found it so difficult to subscribe to the channels. How do you keep in touch with the world when you cannot afford to buy or subscribe to cable TV? The latest cable TVs ensure this issue is tackled with very affordable decoders, easy installation and affordable subscriptions.

The latest cable TVs come in grades and they vary in channels and number of channels. They also vary in subscription rate and method of subscription.

In this article, we will take a look at some popular cable TVs in Nigeria and how much they go for in the market. We will also take a look at various subscription options available and their charges per month. Majorly we are looking at the price of cable TV in Nigeria.

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Prices of Cable TV Services in Nigeria

In Nigeria today cable TVs are now on the market. Their improvement in the market has allowed different industries to come into cable TV. They are regarded as one of the major sources of entertainment in the country. Moreso, They give you access to know what is going on around you and in the world as a whole.

They are available in different types and sound quality levels. While some popular cable TV brands have dominated the market over the years, some other new-generation companies are beginning to make great waves with some good and interesting channels with affordable payment plans.

Let us take a look at some of the popular cable TVs in Nigeria and how much they are been sold in the market.


DSTV is the most popular and arguably the most sought-after cable TV in Nigeria today. The South African company, Multichoice, was among the first to set its mark in the cable TV market. Indeed, many have come and gone, but DSTV stayed and still rules their market. 

They are among the cable TVs with the highest number of channels and feature important channels like the SuperSport which cover international football matches at club levels and other international channels. Their decoders are available as basic and Explorer.  Here are the prices of the decoders in the market.

  • DSTV Decoder (without installation) is ₦12,000 – ₦15,000
  • DSTV Decoder (with installation) is ₦14,000 – ₦18,000
  • DSTV Explora (without installation) is ₦65,000 – ₦70,000
  • DSTV Explora (with installation) is ₦68,000 – ₦75,000


TSTV is one of the newest cable TVs in Nigeria. What sets it apart is the easy subscription rate and style. You can subscribe for as low as two hundred naira daily. They also feature wonderful channels and cover live international club and country matches. The decoders are also affordable and the picture quality is wonderful. 

  • TSTV Decoder: ₦7,500 – ₦8,000


This is another cable TV owned by Multichoice. Although not as rated as DSTV, GoTV remains one of the best in Nigeria. They boast lovely channels that cover various spheres. Also feature Supersports like DSTV and other viewer-friendly channels. And don’t have as many channels as DTSV and are relatively cheaper than DSTV.

  • GoTV Decoder: ₦7,500 – ₦10,000


Startimes cable TV channels are a step above local TV channels. They are not the most international cable TVs but maintain quality TV channels.

  • Startimes Decoder: ₦8,500 – ₦12,500 


MyTV is another cable TV that has brought entertainment to the doorstep of Nigerians. Which wonderful and viewer-friendly channels, MyTV remains a top-rated cable TV. It does not boast as many channels as DSTV or GoTV, but information and entertainment are guaranteed with MyTV.

  • MyTV Decoder: ₦9,000 – ₦13,000

Importance of Cable TV in Nigeria 

There are many important of cable TV but we will just name a few, below are some important of cable TV in Nigeria:

  • Modern cable television in Nigeria today, however, does offer several advantages over the original analogue over-the-air television broadcasts. One of the first advantages addressed by the earliest cable TV systems was better reception. There was no longer a need for television viewers to make numerous adjustments to an interior rabbit ear antenna or an external antenna mounted on the roof. The signal from a cable TV system fed directly into the television set’s internal tuner, resulting in a clearer picture and improved audio.
  • Cable television technology in Nigeria also allows numerous channels to share broadcasting space on the same delivery system. Instead of maintaining separate transmitters for each over-the-air channel, the same transmission system can carry hundreds of channels by assigning each one a specific frequency along the spectrum.
  • Some people prefer cable because it provides unique programming without some of the content restrictions placed on traditional networks. Because cable television is a closed system, only subscribers have access to the channels they choose to watch.
  • Many cable TV in Nigeria also can provide subscribers with telephone service and Internet access through a high-speed digital modem. All of these services can be bundled together at a reasonable monthly rate, thus eliminating the need for separate telephone and Internet access accounts with other providers.


In conclusion, we have been able to discuss a few things about what you need to know about Cable TV in Nigeria. More the keyword which is the price of cable TV in Nigeria and the various types of Cable TVs in Nigeria today.

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