Oando Gear Oil Price in Nigeria (2024)

Oando Gear Oil Price in Nigeria: Oando Gear Oil is among the most popular motor lubricants in the Nigerian market today. It is easily the most sought-after even though there are other strong competitors like Mobil, Total and Forte Oil.

Gear oil is a fluid lubricant used in gears (gearboxes). It purpose is to reduce the friction and wear of the gear tooth surfaces. Also the removal of the heat generated by the operating gear and corrosion protection of the gear parts.

Oando Gear Oil is one of the ancient Gear Oil I grew up to know. It has been there for ages and has been used severally by many car owners.

This Gear Oil is unique and it stands out from other gear oil in the market. Oando Oil is known for producing high-petroleum products and the Gear Oil from its company is no different.

From developing special Gear Oil fluid, these Oando gear oil is unique. It is usually called gear oil for manual transmission cars while it is called automatic transmission fluid for automatic.

Oando Gear oil is at the forefront of other lubricants because of its quality, durability and sustainability for cars.

With the unstable price of gear oil in Nigeria, many people like to know the price to make the best buying decisions. E.g. Oando gear oil price. before buying transmission fluid it is good to know the price

This article won’t only show you the price, but you’ll discover the best places to buy Oando gear oil for cheap prices.

So, if you’re seeking the price range of Oando gear oil in Nigeria, just keep reading because we’ve covered all of that in this post.

Oando Gear Oil Price

Oando Gear Oil Price

Oando gear oil price in Nigeria is based on quality and quantity. The Oando gear oil is specially formulated to meet the needs of GM Dexron III, II.

It is suitable for industrial equipment, construction equipment, scavengers, backhoes,  etc.

Oando Automatic Transmission Fluid offers the benefit of guaranteeing extended transmission life. It also guarantees a precise power steering response.

It is also recommended for use in most automatic transmission, hydraulic, and power steering systems of trucks and cars.

Gear oil is just like engine oil, so we may not be able to give you the exact price of Oando gear oil because it may vary depending on locations, and stores.

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Oando Gear Oil Price in Nigeria

Would you like to know the price of Oando Gear oil price in Nigeria?

The market is full of different types of Gear oil from various companies, however, Oando Gear Oil takes the lead among them all.

Finding out the price of Oando Gear oil might be quite challenging, we understand this and we have surveyed the market very well on behalf of you all.

The price of Oando gear oil or Oando ATF ranges from ₦2500 to ₦12,999 depending on the quality and quantity since there is Oando Dexron II and III which come in 1 litre and 4 litres.

The following are the cost of Oando gear oil in Nigeria.

  • Oando ATF Dexron II 1 Litre — ₦3,200 – ₦4,500
  • Oando ATF Dexron II 4 Litres — ₦9,000 – ₦12,000
  • Oando ATF Dexron III 1 Litre — ₦3,500 – ₦4,700
  • Oando ATF Dexron III 4 Litres — ₦10,000 – ₦16,500

Keep in mind that the prices provided above are not certain as they may vary depending on your location and the store or vendor you’re buying them from.

Features of Oando Gear Oil

The following are key features of the Oando Gear oil.

  • Genuine quality
  • Smoother shifting at low and high temperatures
  • Meets Oando quality standards
  • Low oxidation rates for longer transmission fluid change intervals
  • Protects seals and O-rings with special ingredients.

Price of Oando Gear Oil in Nigeria – FAQs

How much is Oando Gear Oil in Lagos?

With the prices listed above, the cost of 1 litre of Oando Gear oil in Nigeria ranges from ₦3,500 to ₦4,700. On the other hand, 4 litres of Oando gear oil price in Nigeria ranges from ₦9,000 to ₦16,500.

Where can I buy Oando gear oil in Nigeria?

You can get Oando gear oil from many big engine oil stores in your area, you can buy it online or at any Oando fuel station in your area. Keep in mind that Oando gear oil price may vary from store to store.

Is Oando gear oil good?

Yes, with a lot of key features that help to improve the performance of both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. Oando gear oil is one of the best in the market been used by many motorists every day.

Which is better Dextron II or Dextron III?

The improvements in Dexron-III(F) include better friction stability, more high-temperature oxidation stability, and better material compatibility. Dexron-III(F) has the same low-temperature fluidity as Dexron-II(E), for better transmission performance in cold weather.


Oando Gear oil is the best thing you can do for your car. With gear oil being a necessity for motors, Oando gear oil price in Nigeria has made it seamless to get the best gear performance from the use of all kinds of Oando ATF.

By now, I believe every question related to the price of Oando of gear oil, the cost of Oando gear oil, and how much Oando gear oil has been answered in this post about the Oando gear oil price in Nigeria.

Keep an Eye on the market and you are bound to find A Oando Gear oil that matches your need or budget.

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