Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria: Are you looking for the Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria? Or the best type of Pregnancy Pillows that will last longer for you. 

I think you are at the right place because here we are going to discuss everything concerning the Best Pregnancy pillow prices in Nigeria and other things.

Of course, we all know that pregnant women need a maternity pillow to help them whenever they want to sleep or rest. So pregnancy Pillow is been used to assist pregnant mothers so the baby does not feel pains in the womb

Similarly, a lot of people have fallen victim to picking the wrong types of pregnancy Pillows for various reasons.

Moreover, Apart from the fact that pregnancy Pillows are meant to be used to ease pain and other purposes,  they also have a way of helping the baby in the womb.

In this article, we will consider the various types of pregnancy pillows and the Best Pregnancy Pillow prices in Nigeria today. 

Also, every other thing you need to know about Pregnancy Pillows. So are you ready to know all that has been said above? Then don’t be lazy continue reading until you get all your answers.

About Pregnancy Pillows 

All pregnant people deserve quality rest, whether it is for several hours at night or a 20-minute catnap (or three) during the day. 

But growing a human is often an uncomfortable experience, making restful sleep tricky. 

Furthermore, Early pregnancy doesn’t usually require any changes to your sleep style, but as the belly grows, adjustments may be necessary,” including sleeping on your side instead of your back. 

Moreso, Pregnancy pillows are designed to support your hips, legs, and back the parts of your body that tend to hold the most stress. 

Likewise, Elrich says they are useful for “keeping your hips aligned, a key to keeping the lower back stable and pain-free.”

Additionally, Most pillows that are marketed as pregnancy pillows are very large and deliver full-body support by way of U, C, or J shapes that help provide localized pressure relief to different parts of your body. 

However, some pregnant people find that slimmer rectangular body pillows and wedge-shaped pillows get the job done without taking up too much space in their beds.

In addition, No matter which shape you choose, the main purpose of a pregnancy pillow is to bring your head, neck, spine, and hips into a neutral position.

Firm pillows are a great option for full-body support because they do a better job of supporting people during the night,” he says.

Because they are firmer, they are better at providing head and neck support, helping you maintain healthy body alignment during sleep.

Additionally, Soft pillows aren’t totally out of the question, though. Davis explains that soft pillows can be comfortable and still offer a lower level of support that suits your needs.

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Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria

  • Best contoured pregnancy pillow – ₦45,500 – ₦47,500
Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria
  • Best C-shaped pregnancy pillow – ₦72,000 – ₦76,000
Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria
  • Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow – ₦160,000 – ₦165,000
Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria
  • Best J-shaped pregnancy pillow – ₦28,000 – ₦32,000
Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria
  • Best wedge pregnancy pillow – ₦21,500 – ₦23,500
  • Best pregnancy pillow for back sleepers – ₦28,000 – ₦32,000
Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria
  • Best convertible-shape pregnancy pillow – ₦33,000 – ₦36,000
  • Best one-piece convertible-shape pregnancy pillow – ₦56,500 – ₦58,500
  • Best adjustable-firmness pregnancy pillow – ₦175,000 – ₦185,000
Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria
  • Best memory-foam pregnancy pillow – ₦83,000 – ₦88,000
  • Best down-alternative pregnancy pillow – ₦66,000 – ₦70,000
  • Best pregnancy pillow for tall people – ₦55,000 – ₦60,000
  • Best bolster-shape pregnancy pillow – ₦165,000 – ₦175,000
Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria

NOTE; All the prices listed above are not the actual prices but the price range because prices may vary depending on location or some other factors.

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Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows 

They can relieve aches and pains

As you gain weight and change shape during pregnancy, a supportive pillow can support your back, hips and legs, reducing the aches and pains that can dog pregnant women.

Furthermore, If you have pelvic girdle pain in later pregnancy, a pillow can help you to stay comfortable while lying on your side. 

Moreso, You can also use your pillow to elevate your lower legs to relieve swelling and ankle discomfort.

Using a pregnancy pillow can aid your circulation while sleeping

Pregnancy pillows make it easier for you to sleep on your side, as this can become more uncomfortable as your belly grows.

Likewise, Sleeping on your side is better for your circulation, as lying on your back can cause the baby’s weight to press on your inferior vena cava, the large vein which carries your blood back to your heart.

You’ll be more likely to sleep well with a maternity pillow

It’s difficult to sleep if you’re uncomfortable, so if your pillow makes you comfortable and gives you something to snuggle into, you’ll fall asleep after and (hopefully) sleep more deeply.

Furthermore, Getting enough sleep during pregnancy is important to your physical and mental health, so anything that helps you to drop off and stay dropped off (ahem) is invaluable.

You can use your pregnancy pillow after the baby is born

You don’t have to pack away your maternity pillow after your baby arrives as it can find a new purpose as a nursing pillow. 

Later on, when your baby’s bigger and much more mobile, they can use your pregnancy pillow themselves.

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Best Pregnancy Pillows Prices in Nigeria FAQs 

When can I start using a pregnancy pillow?

You can start to use your maternity pillow as soon as you like. Most women find their pillow especially handy in the last trimester, but you can start cuddling it whenever you want.

Can my partner sleep in the bed with me and my pillow?

Of course! Things might get a bit snug towards the end, but as long as you’re both happy, you should all be able to cuddle together!

What is the cost of Pregnancy Pillows in Nigeria? 

The price of a Pregnancy Pillow in Nigeria ranges from ₦21,500 – ₦185,000 depending on the location you are buying from or the quality/ type you are buying.

Are online stores a good place to buy pregnancy pillows?

Absolutely! If you love online shopping, you can find Breastfeeding Pillow there. Just like buying anything else online, make sure you’re using a reputable site, and you should be good to go. 


To help a pregnant woman carrying a baby in her womb, Using a pregnancy pillow is very important for maternity mothers.  The quality of pregnancy pillows you buy for your pregnancy is much more important.

Likewise, Choosing a suitable pregnancy pillow that will meet your requirements isn’t as difficult as it may seem. 

Moreso, You only have to equip yourself with basic knowledge of the Best Pregnancy Pillows prices in Nigeria.

However, it is important to note that the actual price of all the items written in this article depends strictly on some factors like the vendor’s price tag, the product’s size and type, as well as the quality and design of the corresponding item.

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