Water Filter Price in Nigeria (2024)

Water Filter Price in Nigeria:what is a water filter? Water tank Filters remove unwanted impurities from water such as sediment, taste and odour, hardness and bacteria to result in better quality water. 

A water filter removes impurities by lowering contamination of water using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. 

Water Filters cleanse water to different extents, for purposes such as: providing agricultural irrigation, accessible drinking water, public and private aquariums, and the safe use of ponds and swimming pools.

Furthermore, Water filter is very important in most of our home to prevent our family from taking contaminated water.

More so, In this article, I will be telling you the best types of water filters and their various prices. 

So are you reading to know water filter prices in Nigeria? Then don’t get tired keep reading as we are here to answer the question concerning water filter prices in 


Do water Filter Really Work

Most of the water filter machine and filtering systems in the market has undergone testing and passed, which means they do work to some level. They are not all equal and you will find any number of variance in quality.

Types of Water Filters in Nigeria 

Subject to your application, i.e. what you’re trying to remove or in some circumstances trying to stop, 6 types of water filters can be used for water filtration. They are:

  • Brita large water filter pitcher
  • Purewell Water purifier and filter
  • Kent Alkaline Water Filter pitcher
  • Water Drop Extreme Water Filter Pitcher
  • Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher
  • Wooder Water Filtration System

Brita large water filter pitcher

Brita filters are certified to reduce Chlorine (taste and odour), Copper, Mercury and Cadmium in Brita systems. One Standard filter can replace up to 300 16.9 oz plastic bottles. 

The Brita water pitcher’s flip lid makes refilling a breeze, while the SmartLight indicator is Brita’s most accurate and precise pitcher filter life indicator. This large water pitcher comes with one Standard Water Filter, which should be changed every 40 gallons or about 2 months for best results.

Water filter price in Nigeria

Purewell Water purifier and filter

PureWell Water Purifier is one of the best water purifiers for the home. It is a Water Purification system that filters out odours and impurities for healthier, great-tasting water in a sleek compact finish.

PureWell Water Purifier removes lead and reduces chlorine (taste and odour) and asbestos contaminants commonly found in tap water.

Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Kent has introduced Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher to provide you and your family with safe, clean and germ-free water with the right pH levels. 

It’s important for us to drink water with the right pH for a healthy body and mind. Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher not only ensures the right pH levels in water, but also removes chemical and physical impurities, thus giving pure water with the right pH levels for a healthy lifestyle.

Water filter price in Nigeria

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

The Clearly Filtered Water pitcher is perfect for anyone who wants the cleanest possible drinking water for the lowest possible cost.

If you think filter pitchers aren’t serious filtration devices, think again. Our research shows that the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher removes more notorious contaminants than most thousand-dollar whole-house filters.

Water filter pitchers are affordable and portable alternatives to whole-house and under-sink filtration systems. But they’re not all created equal. Keep these considerations in mind as you compare models.

Waterdrop water filter pitchers

This Waterdrop water filter pitchers incorporate multiple processes to filter water. First, water flows through a filter mesh screen that prevents black flecks. 

Moreso, activated carbon granules act like a filter to reduce mercury and chlorine taste and odour. Also, Ion Exchange Resin captures copper, zinc and cadmium.

Water Filter Price in Nigeria

Wooder water filtration system 

This Advanced filter removes 99.9% of lead, heavy metals, chlorine, chromium 6, mercury, volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, and other contaminants, turbidity, odours, and bad tastes. 

Selective filtration: the nanoparticles have an affinity for contaminants, but not for essential minerals.

Water Filter Price in Nigeria

Water Filter Price in Nigeria

  • Brita large water filter pitcher ₦30,000 – ₦45000
  • Purewell Water purifier and filter ₦22,000 – ₦30,000
  • Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher ₦27,500 – ₦36,500
  • Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher ₦28500 – ₦ 35,500
  • Waterdrop water filter pitchers ₦40,999 – ₦49,999
  • Wooder water filtration system ₦15,000 – ₦22,000

We can only give you the price range, not the specific price. The following is the water filter price in Nigeria:

The above price is just a price range after we have you surveying the market, to less your stress when buying a Water filter.

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Reasons why every home should have the  Water filter

1. Your kids could drink from the tap.

2. You cook with water from the tap.

3. You bathe with water from the tap.

4. Eliminate the risk of drinking contaminated bottled or sachet water.

5. Purify the water that enters your home.

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What purification system removes From Water 

The purification system removes the following from water to get it purified. They are:

1. bad smell

2. bad taste

3. bothersome colour

4. dangerous chemicals

5. some heavy metals like lead & iron

6. 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria (E.coli, salmonella, legionella, cholera, shigella, typhoid)

7. 99.99% of parasites (cryptosporidium, giardia)

8. 97% chlorine

9. 99.7% turbidity

10. particles

11. humus.

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How to Choose which water purifier is best

Choosing a cheap water purifier for home or any other use can be quite challenging, It seems they all claim to be the best.

They all claim to provide the latest water purifier technology. But they all work at the same range depending on how you water to use them or the amount of water you will like to purify.

All those types listed above can be used at home to purify water that is for domestic use at home to prevent children from drinking contaminated water.

Water Filter Price in Nigeria FAQs

How many gallons of water can each filter process?

The average water filter can filter up to 40 gallons per filter. Many companies have caught on that so users want more. They have designed filters that filter far more water before demanding a replacement.

How effective is a water filter?

What type of contamination does the filter guarantee to remove? At the very least you want it to remove chlorine, lead, copper and mercury. Many filters will catch far more than that but be sure to check and see how reliably and effectively the filter work.

Is the water filter easy to use?

There is nothing worst than purchasing a product that you cannot use, it is such a huge pain. Choose a water filter system that is truly simple yet effective and that doesn’t require extensive effort to get a good drinkable water.

What is the price of a water filter in Nigeria?

Water filter price in Nigeria ranges between ₦25,000 to ₦100,000 but these types are majorly for family use to purify just a small quantity of water that will be enough for domestic use.

Where can I buy a water filter in Nigeria?

Water filter is available in shops where plumbing material are been sold. You can also order them from online shops like Konga.com or Jumia.com. But mostly it is advisable to buy from a shop in our area to return them easily if there is any damage.


I believe this post about water filter prices in Nigeria, we have been able to show the various types and price ranges of water filters in Nigeria.

More so we have been able to tell you the uses of water filters in Nigeria and where to buy water filters in Nigeria. 

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