Nail Dryer Machine Price in Nigeria 2024 [UPDATED]

Nail Dryer Machine Price in Nigeria: Are you looking for a durable nail drying machine to buy in Nigeria? If so, you’ve landed on the right page.

From the prices to the best ones, we’ve well-researched the cost of nail dryer machines in Nigeria. They are available in a variety of colours, sizes and even functions.

Regardless, you’ll get all the information needed to make an informed decision when buying a nail dryer machine in Nigeria.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

About Nail Dryer Machine

Before showing you the nail dryer machine price in Nigeria, let’s discuss what a nail dryer machine is.

a device designed to accelerate the drying time of nail polish or gel manicures. There are different types of nail dryers, each tailored to a specific kind of nail product. Here are the main categories:

Air Nail Dryers

These machines work by blowing cool or warm air onto the nails. They are suitable for regular nail polish and are an upgrade to the natural drying process. They’re commonly used in professional salons and are also popular for home use due to their affordability.

UV Nail Dryers

These machines use ultraviolet light to cure UV-reactive gel nail polish. They work quickly and effectively, but there’s some controversy around their use due to concerns about UV exposure and potential skin damage or premature aging. To mitigate these risks, users can apply sunscreen on their hands before using a UV nail dryer or wear protective gloves that leave only their nails exposed.

LED Nail Dryers

These machines also cure gel polish, but they use LED lights instead of UV light. LED nail dryers are generally faster than UV dryers, and while they still emit UV radiation, the exposure level is much lower. They also tend to be more expensive.

Types of Nail Dryer Machines in Nigeria

There are several different types of nail dryers in Nigeria, they come in different sizes and functions, and they include:

  • UV Lamp Nail Dryer
  • Sun X Plus Nail Dryer
  • 86W Lamp Nail Dryer
  • 45W Lamp Nail Dryer
  • 6W Lamp Nail Dryer
  • 18 Led Light Nail Dryer
  • Mini UV Led Nail Dryer

Having known the various types of nail dryers in Nigeria, let’s now take a look at their price in the Nigerian market.

Nail Dryer Machine Price in Nigeria

Here are the prices of nail dryer in Nigeria.

2-in-1 86W UV Lamp Nail Dryer 66 LED 4 Timer Settings-Purple

Nail Dryer Machine Price

₦ 7,599

Key Features

  • This nail dryer comes with durable LED lamp beads, which can cure all kinds of ge* nail polis*.
  • This uv led nail lamp has 66pcs long-lasting up to 50000hrs LED beads.
  • It is 86W high power with big body design, 2X faster curing than traditional nail dryers.
  • This nail kit with uv lamp has an automatic sensor and 4 timer setting, very easy to use.
  • It has a Special 99s low heat mode to resolve all pain problems caused by curing gels.
  • This nail dryers for ge* and regular polish has a detachable base,easy to clean.

45W UV Lamp Nail Dryer 3Stage Timer Foldable Infrared Sensor

Nail Dryer Machine Price

₦ 5,914

Key Features

  • Model: NA-90
  • Color: White
  • Working voltage: DC5V/2000mA
  • Material: ABS
  • Lamp Beads: 22
  • Power Supply: 45W
  • Dual Wavelengths: 370nm and 400nm

18 Led Lights Nail Dryer Uv Lamp Curing Nail Polish Gel Ice

Nail Dryer Machine Price

₦ 5,995

Key Featutres

  • Colour: Unique Pink color 
  • Function: Use for drying gel nails.
  • Function 2: Used for drying regular nail polish.
  • Spec: Automatic sensor
  • Spec: Durable

Sun X Plus 2-in-1 72W UV Lamp Nail Dryer LED Nails Machine

₦ 14,500

Key Features

  • Colour: White
  • Function: Use for drying gel nails.
  • Function 2: Used for drying regular nail polish.
  • Spec: Automatic sensor
  • Spec: Durable

Mini UV LED Nail Lamp Polish Nail Dryer Curing Lamp USB

Nail Dryer Machine Price in Nigeria

₦ 2,790

Key Features

  • The mini UV/LED nail dryer helps your dry quickly, solidifies and shapes your nails well.
  • Dual light source, 365+405nm wavelength, suitable for drying UV , extension , and LED .
  • 5pcs strategically placed LED light beads can cure nails much faster, no dead-zone, save your time.
  • 2 gears of curing time can be adjusted. Short press for 60s, and long press for 120s, one button control.
  • Does no harm to your eyes and your skin, no need to worry about blackening your skin, can be used at ease.
  • Easy to the nail lamp by connecting the USB cable to a computer, mobile source, or charger, etc.

Where to Buy Nail Dryer Machine in Nigeria

While nail dryer machine may be available anywhere from small shops (that sell in pieces) to online platforms (like Jiji), knowing the best place and where to buy the best nail dryer machine for you is ideal.

Generally speaking, when you’re looking to buy a nail dryer machine, it is best you look for stores that sell hairdressing equipment, or stores that are based only on nail equipment.

More so, make sure you buy from sellers that accept returns, because in some cases, some nail dryer machines do come damaged, or broken. So, with the return agreements, you can return the damaged ones and get a replacement.

Lastly, since the cost of nail dryer machines ranges from store to store, make sure you do thorough research and find the shop that offers the best prices to buy from.

Nail Dryer Price in Nigeria – FAQs

What are the different types of nail dryers?

Nail dryers come in three types: air, UV and LED dryers, each designed for specific nail polish types and curing needs.

What to look for when buying a nail dryer?

Consider nail polish compatibility, drying speed, safety features, size, price, and customer reviews when buying a nail dryer.

What is the name of the machine used to dry nails?

The machine used to dry nails is commonly referred to as a nail dryer, nail lamp, or nail curing lamp.

How much is nail dryer on Jumia?

The cost of a nail dryer on Jumia ranges from as low as 2,000 NGN to about 30,000 NGN. However, for the most accurate price, please check Jumia’s website.

How much is a rechargeable nail dryer in Nigeria?

The cost of a rechargeable nail dryer in Nigeria ranges from as low as 2,000 NGN to about 30,000 NGN. However, for the most accurate price, please check local or online stores.


The price of nail dryer machines in Nigeria varies widely, reflecting their diverse features, brands, and types. Whether you’re a professional manicurist or an at-home DIY enthusiast, investing in the right nail dryer could revolutionize your nail-care routine.

Always remember to consider factors such as compatibility, safety, and drying speed when purchasing. Keep an eye on the market, and you’re bound to find a nail dryer that perfectly matches your needs and budget. Happy shopping and even happier nail art crafting!

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